Slidesheets – for repositioning and transfer

Explore our range of slidesheets for those patients with some independence to reposition and turn over, as well as those who need more support from care staff. Find slidesheets in an array of materials, sizes and designs, including tubular ones and those with handles.

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  1. Oxford Slide Sheet
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Buy nylon, satin and tubular slidesheets online

[P] Our range of slidesheets help with repositioning, turning, turning over and transfers from bed and chairs.

The slidesheets offer support with both sliding and gliding for residents independently or with carer and nursing staff support.

Our wide range of designs, styles and sizes of slidesheets are provided by a broad selection of trusted suppliers for you to buy from. These include Medline, Britton Price, Healthcare Direct, Etac and Nordic Care.

With Wippet, you can compare product lines from a range of suppliers with ease, and ensure you get the most competitive prices. Explore nylon and satin ranges in many bed sizes, as well as additional features, including fitted, those with handles and with locks.

Wippet offers a wide range of moving and handling equipment and accessories, from transfer boards and swivel cushions to also our repositioning aids range.

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