Over bed tables

Over bed tables – non-tilting, adjustable and flexible

Buy a range of over bed tables to match the wood finishes of your bedroom furniture, that are also easy to use, move smoothly and provide a functional table for eating, reading, drawing and other activities, for those that are bed bound or simply enjoy relaxing in bed.

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  1. Elite Overbed Table
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    Sold By Renray Healthcare
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Buy over bed tables online

Wippet’s over bed tables are height adjustable and easy to use. Many come with a built-in automatic safety lock and are delivered fully assembled – so that’s one less thing for your staff and care team worry about.

The good-sized over bed tables are ideal for a variety of uses, as well as for different residents and their needs. They are lightweight, durable and easy to clean. Being able to adjust their height, also means the tables can be used both in bed and also over a chair.

The range of wood finishes look really smart and there are lots to choose from. Explore the different options and compare tables from our vetted suppliers, including Renray Healthcare, Furncare and Healthcare Direct Ltd – all here at your healthcare marketplace.

We have a wide range of non-tilting over bed table designs, but also offer two tier tables, with a special section that can be tilted or raised to aid with reading a magazine or watching a tablet, for example.

Compare individual items of bedroom furniture throughout the Wippet website, simply click the circular arrows, and remember to visit our dedicated pages for bedside tables and units, wardrobes,drawers,dressing table and desks too.

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