Become a Wippet supplier

If you’re a supplier to the care sector and you’re interested in reaching new customers through Wippet then we’d love to hear from you.  

Whether you’re a large or small company, whether you sell nationally or regionally, whether you sell products or services – Wippet has a subscription package and marketing support program to suit your needs. 

 In addition to accessing untapped sales potential, Wippet offers vastly simplified and streamlined sales administration, easily navigable and intuitive sales dashboards and much more besides. 

 To register your interest, click on the Contact Us button.

How does Wippet work?

Wippet is like an online shopping centre for healthcare. Much like a shopping centre, Wippet brings buyers and sellers together for the convenience of both. It’s free to use for customers, and suppliers pay a monthly subscription to sell their goods and services (plus a modest transaction fee in the form of commission on sales). Each supplier’s subscription is determined by: 

  • The number of Search Group Categories and Categories they need 
  • The size of the supplier’s company 
  • Whether the supplier sells goods, services or both 
  • The geographical reach of the supplier’s company 

What's the process?

Click on Contact Us below and fill in the form and a member of our Supplier Acquisition Team will contact you to arrange an initial discussion and talk about the options available to you. They’ll be able to describe in detail the onboarding process, how to get your “checked by Wippet” accreditation, how to upload and manage catalogues and so on, plus answer any other questions you might have. 

Then, if you want to join the other suppliers on Wippet, we’ll find a subscription package that suits your needs and get the process underway. 

To register your interest, click on the Contact Us button below.


What about pricing? 

Pricing is entirely up to you. Wippet isn’t a procurement consortium, we don’t negotiate prices for goods and services – you just compete with other companies on Wippet in the same you do off Wippet. 


What is “checked by Wippet”. 

Checked by Wippet is the process through which we make sure all the suppliers on Wippet have a minimum standard of company credentials checked and verified by us – things like public liability insurance and DBS if you have staff going on site with customers. You can find out all about Checked by Wippet here


Can there be more than one supplier in a Category? 

Yes, but it’s our job to make sure. There’s sufficient demand, too. Just like a shopping centre where there are multiple clothes shops, at Wippet we provide choice for our customers, too. So, while no categories are exclusive of other suppliers, we’ll make sure we have the right mix of suppliers on Wippet. 


Is there a limit to what we can sell? 

You can sell most things that are needed day to day by the care sector, However, we don’t sell prescription medicines (yet!) and there are some other restricted goods, but we can supply you with a comprehensive list during onboarding. If you have a new product and don’t know in which category you would sell it, we can help you, or even create an additional category if necessary. 


Is there a limit to how many products we can sell? 

Not really, no. Wippet is a big platform so we’re ready to take on suppliers whether they have one product, several thousand or anywhere in between. Contact us and we’ll find a package to suit you. 


How do payments work? 

We want Wippet all customers and suppliers to be entirely at ease when transacting through Wippet, so we process all payments with Stripe – the international transactions and financial services company. Whether customers buy with credit or debit card or pay by BACS with credit terms, the whole process is automated, so we don’t hold on to the money at any point in the process. Contact us through the enquiry form for more details.