Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting – bulkhead and emergency exits

Replacing or adding new emergency lighting is an important task and one that needs to be done promptly and properly. Explore our range of emergency lights and exit signage, alongside a choice of accessories and fittings. Compare and order online with ease.

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Order emergency lighting and exit signs online

At Wippet, we have a range of emergency lighting options, including emergency exit signs with multiple mounting positions, for all kinds of doorways, corridors, staircases and thoroughfares, within your care home or healthcare setting.

Explore a range of high quality options, which comply with the latest safety standards.

There are LED emergency exit signs which are self-contained, multi-purpose, as well as maintained or non-maintained. Many offer an extended time period of remaining lit, in cases of emergency, a power cut or any other electrical issue situation.

There are a range of designs offering arrows in different directions and lighting which can be both mounted or suspended.  

As well as traditional green exit signs, you will also find adjustable directional spotlights providing illumination along exit routes, which can provide up to three hours of lighting, during an emergency power cut, for example. Having a number of trusted suppliers, including Mondial Lighting, means Wippet can bring you a great range of emergency lighting solutions, bulkhead and exit signs to choose from at competitive prices.

In addition, we also offer a range anti vandalism accessories.

For all of your lighting needs, explore our full Lighting and Electrical range. We have dedicated range for outdoor lighting, as well as lighting fixtures and accessories, for any replacement items you may need.

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