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  1. Empathy Dolls & Pets

    Empathy dolls and pets have become a popular choice for effective dementia care.

  2. Are you looking for some thoughtful Christmas gifts?

    Secure better prices for your presents this Christmas

  3. Choosing towels and linens for your care home

    When it comes to a little added luxury and comfort, considering the look, feel and quality of your linen and towels is important. In areas across your nursing and care home, you can offer your residents and staff that ‘little extra’ through the towels and linens that you choose. You can also enhance the longevity of more expensive items of furniture, such as tables and mattresses too.

  4. Why PPE is still important

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) made many headlines at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, but whilst supply may now be keeping up with demand everyone in care knows we can not afford to forget its importance for maintaining hygiene and protecting individuals?

  5. Dementia action week 2022: how to decorate your care home

    May 16 - 22 sees Dementia Action Week hit the UK, with people across the country holding events to help improve the lives of people living with dementia.

  6. 5 tips for choosing profiling beds for your care home

    High-quality profiling beds provide long-term assistance to those with limited mobility, the elderly, and the disabled by providing a comfortable space to relax, rest and sleep well.

  7. How to decorate using care home furniture products

    When designing a care home for your residents, it is critical to consider issues such as comfort, safety, orientation, and homeliness before selecting your nursing home furniture and furnishings.

  8. 5 things to look for in care home furniture suppliers

    Every time you purchase items, you need to have confidence they will help keep your care home residents and colleagues safe and efficiently perform the job you need them to do.

  9. What is a profiling bed? The ultimate guide

    Profiling beds offer care home residents the ability to get a good night’s sleep even if they have a condition that makes finding a comfortable position difficult.

  10. When to use wet and dry wipes when caring for patients

    Wet and dry wipes are among the most commonly incontinence products used when washing patients. A well made wipe helps to safely and thoroughly clean the resident in a non-abrasive and comfortable way. 

  11. The best products for safe waste disposal in care homes

    Waste management in care homes is critical to ensure the home remains a safe environment for residents where risks of infection are correctly controlled.

  12. The ultimate guide to Conti wipes for care homes

    This article tells you everything you need to know about the Conti brand of dry wipes, including the benefits of dry patient cleansing wipes and which type of wipes would be suitable for you.

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