Our Suppliers

All suppliers are checked by Wippet.

When you buy from Wippet, you can be sure you are not buying from any old supplier. 

All our suppliers go through a rigorous process of checks to ensure that when you buy on Wippet, you are buying from suppliers you can trust. 

Suppliers are allocated blue or silver shields when they sell through our site. (When we have enough records, we will add a gold shield for the suppliers rated the best for their quality and service levels.)

Blue Wippet shield

A Blue Shield means the supplier has passed our core set of supplier checks. Among other things, these checks mean the supplier has:

  • Supplied evidence of insurance documents for:
    • Product insurance
    • Employee liability insurance
    • Public liability insurance
  • Confirmed DBS checks are carried out every two years on staff who visit customer sites
  • A quality management system
  • Confirmed they comply with Data Protection and GDPR legislation
  • Provided the following policies:
    • Health and safety
    • Privacy
    • Modern Slavery
    Wippet Silver Shield

    For suppliers to be awarded the Silver Shield they must also have:

    • Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • An Ethical Training Policy
    • An Equal Opportunities and Human Rights Policy
    • A Business Continuity Plan

    And we automatically send out reminders to update our records and ensure they are always up to date.