Why Wippet

All our suppliers are Wippet-checked 

When you buy from Wippet, you can be sure you’re not buying from any old supplier. All our suppliers go through a process of checks to make sure that when you buy on Wippet, you’re buying from suppliers you can trust. Suppliers are allocated blue or silver shields when they sell through our site, and you can find out precisely what they mean here. When we have enough records, we’ll add a gold shield for the suppliers rated the very best for their quality and service levels. 

The UK’s best one-stop-shop for the care sector

We are always doing our best to make sure we have everything you need to provide excellent care, adding more suppliers with more products and services all the time. So far, we’ve been unable to find another supplier dedicated to the care sector that is as easy to use or with as much choice as Wippet.

Ways to pay that work for you

Wippet accepts many different ways to pay: BACS transfers, direct debit, Visa and Mastercard credit card payments, Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you have credit terms with your supplier, let us know and they can be loaded up onto the platform and will be applied to your orders automatically every time you buy from that supplier. If you have a credit limit, your supplier can add that, too, and you’ll get a running balance whenever you’re on Wippet. Everything to make buying on Wippet as easy as possible. 

Simple side-by-side comparisons

It can be hard to choose which product to buy, particularly with more complex products. That’s why we’ve added a comparison tool. To compare one product with another, just click the circular arrows icon, and we’ll add it to your comparison page. Then, when you’re ready to review the products, click the same icon on the header bar, and we’ll show you the products you’ve chosen side-by-side. Healthcare buying made simple. 

Clear dashboard to track your orders

We want you to stay in the know, so we’ve created a dashboard so you can track all your activity on Wippet. Simply click “My Account” at the top of the home page, and you’ll see a bunch of different functions to help you manage your Wippet activity. Your orders, your favourites, account information and your product reviews are all at your fingertips to make buying on Wippet that bit easier.  

Secure payments when you buy or sell on Wippet 

All payments on Wippet are made through a company called Stripe. You may not have heard of them, but we’re sure you’ve used them! Stripe is one of the world’s biggest and best-established financial services companies for payment processing. So, when you buy through Wippet, Stripe handles the transaction for us. It’s like having a dedicated independent bank right inside our marketplace, so you know your payments are always safe and secure with Wippet. 

Mobile and tablet ready

Wippet isn’t just for computers. Our site works on tablets and smartphones, too. Just log in with the same details on multiple devices, and your basket, your orders and everything else will be there just as you left it, wherever you left it. We’re ready to help wherever you are.


Repeat orders made simple

If like many care providers, you find yourself ordering the same things week in and week out, you can easily repeat previous orders you’ve made on Wippet to save yourself a ton of time. Simply go to My Account at the top of the page and click “My Orders”. All your previous orders will be listed by date, just click on one to open it and click “Repeat Order” if you want to re-order, then proceed to the checkout to confirm quantities and delivery as normal.