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Get great value deals on our refurbished smart televisions and related accessories, including boxes, recorders and other streaming devices. Find everything you need for viewing options and TVs in bedrooms, communal areas and lounges.

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If you are looking for an excellent, high-quality television at a great price, then explore our range of refurbished TVs, from trusted suppliers.

At Wippet, you can choose from HD, ultra HD, 4K, smart televisions, some of which are voice enabled and offer a wide range of streaming services, built-in.

There is a choice of screen sizes and top brands, with large screen sizes, offering great viewing for TV programmes and films, as well as for gaming and entertainment.

Don’t miss our selection of television accessories, including casting devices and recording boxes, enabling you to convert and upgrade your current television sets, at minimum cost, but offering residents access to more channels, on-demand and streaming services, as well as the ability to record favourite shows.

For more digital and interactive entertainment, explore our Magic Tables and Jolly Trollies, as well as our smart speaker and screens in our Home Automation collection.

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