Toileting Aids

Toileting Aids – specially designed and comfortable

Assisting people to go to the toilet is important and toileting needs require the most dignified support and care. Your staff need care equipment they can trust and that is suitable to individual requirements. Explore all Wippet has to offer for aiding the use of a toilet or commode. Order online today.

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  1. Oxford Toileting Plus Sling (with Padded Legs)
    As low as £195.17 £162.64
    Sold By Britton Price
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Compare toileting aids online

Get the most competitive prices at your healthcare marketplace, Wippet.

Find specially-designed toileting slings, with padded legs for extra comfort, and an easy-to-fit design, from our chosen suppliers, including Britton Price.

For a range of hoists and lifts to use with these slings, see also our dedicated hoists & standing aids category.

You can also explore a range of transfer boards and slidesheets, in addition to our dedicated sturdy and stable transfer boards uniquely designed for transfer to the toilet. Explore the product from Etac, for performing seated transfers comfortably and effortlessly.

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