At Wippet, we realise that efficient and reliable care home housekeeping supplies are vital for keeping your colleagues and residents safe. So whether you’re looking for cleaning chemicals, towels and linen, soaps, cleaning equipment or hygiene accessories, we can help you find the best great value product for your needs. 

Care home housekeeping

Wippet’s range of housekeeping care home items includes chemicals, such as bleaches, disinfectants and polishes. It also features equipment like vacuums, mops and trolleys, and accessories including towels, linen, hand dryers and bathrobes.

Housekeeping chemicals for care homes

Wippet’s range of housekeeping chemicals for care homes includes products for infection control, air fresheners, polishing and disinfecting to ensure a safe nursing home environment. Our antibacterial surface cleaners range in size from a 750ml spray bottle to a 5L active disinfectant – concentrated cleaning solutions are available.

Housekeeping laundry equipment

Our laundry cleaning supplies include the equipment carers need to deal with a large amount of washing their residents create. The range consists of washing machines and dryers, irons, hanging rails, laundry baskets, and trolleys. All are designed specifically for care homes to aid infection control.

Catering chemicals for nursing homes

Wippet’s catering chemicals for nursing home kitchens help chefs to stock and maintain a safe and hygienic working environment for food preparation. Our curated range includes washing up liquid, oven cleaners, sanitisers and dishwasher detergents. All come from some of the UK’s most well-respected cleaning products brands.

Laundry chemicals for care homes

Whether you’re looking for fabric softeners, detergents or products for stain management, Wippet supplies the right laundry chemicals for care homes at great prices. Sold in bulk sizes suitable for the daily bulk washing of resident clothing, our chemicals ensure proper infection control without being too harsh on the garments.

Nursing home cleaning equipment

If you’re looking for cleaning hardware for nursing homes, then Wippet stocks everything you need to ensure a hygienic environment. Our range includes brushes and brooms, vacuums, bins, refuse sacks, and storage options. Each item is quality checked so you know you’re getting the right equipment for your tasks.

Care home housekeeping FAQs

Care home housekeeping services are the staff members responsible for maintaining the standard of cleanliness and hygiene within the nursing home. The housekeeping team ensures proper infection control throughout the residential home by cleaning and removing waste in communal areas, staff offices, resident bedrooms, and floor cleaning.

Care home housekeepers are responsible for cleaning and informing the manager in charge of any safety issues. Vacuuming, sweeping, emptying garbage cans, dusting shelves, wiping windows, and mopping floors are among the jobs they must perform. In addition, some handle light ironing and washing and change sheets and wash dishes.

Wippet is a healthcare marketplace in the UK that sells care home housekeeping supplies online at the lowest prices available. To find the lowest priced bulk supplies for your care home, compare products from many of the UK's leading medical supply manufacturers, including The Care Shop, Bayliss Mobility, and Ontex.

Wippet is the UK’s health and social care marketplace supplying a wide range of high-quality patient care equipment and medical equipment to the care sector. You can always expect the most outstanding service since we source the best products, offer value-added solutions, and provide expert support to all of our partners.

We’re your one-stop-shop for all staff care supplies, personal hygiene supplies, incontinence products and dementia care supplies used in nursing homes. In addition, we provide care and support to help you find the right products for individualised care.

Our team has over 25 years of experience working in the healthcare industry, including in individual care services within local authorities across the UK. 

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