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Baths & Shower  – for a range of care requirements

Explore our range of baths and showers, with height adjustable options as well as those featuring a power traverse seat, for easing access in to and out of the bath, suitable for various levels of mobility and care requirement for the residents in your nursing or care home.

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There is nothing better than feeling warm and clean. With our range of baths and showers, your staff can offer the utmost quality of care supporting the bathing and cleaning of all residents, no matter their mobility or disability – the individual comes first.

Explore our range of baths, with both fixed and height adjustable options. For ease of access, you will also find powered seating to help with lifting in and out of your chosen tub, easily controlled with a handset or control panel.

The baths are easy to clean, in contemporary white designs and come with quality, standard compliance fixtures, for safety. There are also a range of options, including tap position, seat entry position, additional LED lighting and the addition of hydrotherapy jets.

See also the range of shower heading fixtures and designs to choose from, for ease of washing.

Explore all the choices our trusted suppliers, including Protec Healthcare Products Ltd, can offer for the bathrooms in your care home. Request a quote or submit an enquiry.

You can also order bathroom accessories, as well as bathrobes and slippers, direct from Wippet today.

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