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Outdoor Lighting – wall and floor lighting and lanterns

Keep your outdoor spaces well-lit and make arrivals after dark more welcoming with our range of outdoor lighting, including wall lights, floor lights and bollard style lighting choices. In a range of finishes and designs, you can ensure your outdoor lighting really elevates the exterior of your care home buildings.

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Browse a range of outdoor lighting options with Wippet.

You will find a great range of wall-mounted exterior lights, which provide both ‘uplighting’ effects, as well as excellent visibility for doorways, entrances and patios.

For pathways and driveways, you can choose from a range of recessed floor lights, bollard style designs, lanterns and street lamp styles.

There are more modern and contemporary designs, as well as traditional and classic styles to choose from and order online today. There is also a wide range of colours and metals, to complement your building, gardens and outside areas, including black, white, stainless steel and antique metal finishes.

We have a great range of lighting options, from trusted suppliers, including Mondial Lighting.

Explore our emergency lighting and indoor lighting options too, as well as our lighting fixtures and accessories. For further improvement or refurbishment ideas for your outdoor space, see also our dedicated Garden and Outdoors category.

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