Kitchen & Dining

Shop Wippet's wide range of care home kitchen and dining items to ensure your residents have hygienic and nutritious meals. Whether you’re looking for table linen, tableware, kitchenware or appliances, we can help you source the best products for your needs at great value for money.

Kitchen and dining items for care homes

Wippet’s range of care home kitchen items for the care industry include appliances and white goods, such as dishwashers, coffee grinders and water boilers. It also features tableware like cutlery, crockery and service trays, and kitchenware and catering equipment, including knives, baking supplies and utensils.

Appliances and white goods for nursing homes

Our wide range of appliances for care home environments includes blenders, display machines and commercial fly killers, all designed to provide a hygienic foodservice environment. Our selection includes items from manufacturers curated for the specialist needs of a nursing home, where safety, functionality and resident nutrition is paramount.

The best selling appliance is our Classeq D400 Dishwasher for commercial kitchens. This high-quality kitchen equipment features a 3 min wash cycle, 400x400mm basket and simple controls ideal for a busy kitchen environment. In addition, its gravity drain design keeps it durable to last wash after wash. 

Another popular item is the DeLonghi coffee grinder, which is just as at home in the kitchen as in the staff room. With three grind settings, this grinder maintains the highest standards of the beans while grinding them in size to suit your tastes.

Best selling kitchenware for care homes

Shop our range of kitchenware to create an efficient care home kitchen. Choose from our baking supplies, pans, catering trolleys and chef aids, all made by specialist manufacturers to the highest safety standards.

Choose our Bourgeat knife sterilising unit capable of killing up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi within 90 minutes. It’s ideal for kitchens in a care environment where infection prevention and control are essential, particularly in homes with immunocompromised residents.

Kitchen & dining supplies for care homes FAQs

Wippet is a healthcare marketplace that sells care home kitchen supplies online at some of the lowest prices available. To find the lowest priced bulk supplies for your care home, compare products from many of the UK's leading furniture supplier manufacturers, including ABM Supplies, Bayliss Mobility, and Furncare.

Wippet is the UK’s health and social care marketplace supplying a wide range of high-quality patient care equipment and staff equipment to the care sector. 

You can always expect the most outstanding service since we source the best products, offer value-added solutions, and provide expert support to all of our partners.

We’re your one-stop-shop for all kitchen installation and catering supplies, personal hygiene supplies, incontinence products and dementia care supplies used in nursing homes. In addition, we provide care and support to help you find the right products for individualised care.

Our team has over 30 years of experience working in the healthcare industry, including in individual care services within local authorities across the UK. 

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