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Our care range of staff care home supplies helps keep your colleagues safe and confident to care for your residents properly. Whether you’re looking for uniforms and workwear, care home PPE, rostering software or staff training courses, Wippet can help.

Care home items for staff care

Wippet’s range of staff care home items includes uniforms, such as scrubs, tunics and trousers, all in various care home uniform colours. It also features PPE like face masks, gloves and aprons, and stuff management software for easy and accurate rostering.

Staff care for care homes FAQs

Wippet stocks all thecare home uniforms UK carers need, such as nurses scrub tunics and trousers in a wide range of colours and designs. All Wippet carers uniforms are manufactured as healthcare uniforms in care settings and meet the relevant UK standards to protect social care staff.

Different care home uniform colours are used to denote the wearer's role within the care home. For example, a receptionist may wear light blue, whereas a cleaner may wear burgundy. The system isn’t standardised, so each care home has unique colours the staff working there must comply with.

Wippet is the UK’s healthcare marketplace offering bulk nursing home uniform supplies online at low prices. Compare items such as healthcare tunics and PPE from several of the UK’s major medical supply brands, including Medline, The Care Shop, Bayliss Mobility and Cherokee, to find the lowest priced bulk garments for your care home staff.

Each nursing home has its own staff uniform policy designed to ensure staff can safely care for residents, so consult your uniform guidelines before purchasing any garments. In general, care home staff should wear healthcare scrubs with wipe-clean footwear to ensure the lowest risk of infection and contamination.

Wippet is a healthcare marketplace in the UK that sells care home supplies online at the lowest prices available. To find the lowest priced bulk supplies for your care home, compare products from many of the UK's leading medical supply manufacturers, including The Care Shop, Bayliss Mobility, and Ontex.

Wippet is the UK’s health and social care marketplace supplying a wide range of high-quality patient care equipment and medical equipment to the care sector. You can always expect the most outstanding service since we source the best products, offer value-added solutions, and provide expert support to all of our partners.

We’re your one-stop-shop for all staff care supplies, personal hygiene supplies, incontinence products and dementia care supplies used in nursing homes. In addition, we provide care and support to help you find the right products for individualised care.

Our team has over 25 years of experience working in the healthcare industry, including in individual care services within local authorities across the UK. 

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