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Home Automation – smart doorbells, speakers and screens

Implement the best of smart technology in your care home. From smart video doorbells to smart speaker and screens, find both new and refurbished options at great prices.

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Utilise the best in innovative technology with home automation devices, including smart doorbells, speakers and screens.

Smart doorbells allow you to see and speak to new arrivals without leaving a reception desk or office, allowing greater security for entrances and exits, as well as convenience.

Choose from a range of smart speakers and devices, including those with a built-in screen for a whole myriad of tasks and needs. From entertainment to security to automated settings, use modern technology to make life a little easier for the staff and residents in your care home.

Explore our range and order from trusted suppliers, including Electrical-Deals.

For more digital and interactive entertainment, explore our Magic Tables, Tablets and Jolly Trollies, as well as our refurbished televisions and smart TV boxes.

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