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Incontinence products – pants and pads

Explore Wippet’s range of high-quality incontinence products, designed for confidence and protection. You’ll find pants for both men and women, in a range of sizes, as well as pads – making it easy to help your care home residents and those you nurse to feel comfortable, remain dignified and confidently protected throughout daily life.

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  1. Knit Pant - 50+ Washes (Case of 30)
    As low as £21.78
    Sold By Medline
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Buy incontinence pants and pads online 

Our selection of incontinence products includes discreet pads, in a range of sizes, from small to extra large, suitable for those who are both active and confined to their bed. They are anatomically-shaped, breathable and hypoallergenic. As well as pads, Wippet also has a range of incontinence pants, available for ordering online, for both men and women, in a range of pull on and easy-fastening style. They are elasticated, ergonomically designed and offer the utmost comfort for your residents and those in your care.

You can also choose from a selection of disposable bed pads, which offer excellent liquid diffusion and absorption, suitable for not just beds but chairs, sofas and other soft furnishings. The high-quality products from leading suppliers, including Medline and Healthcare Direct Ltd, offer a range of protection options for light to moderate to heavy incontinence, bladder and bowel weakness.

Maintain independence and integrity with our range of incontinence items, delivered direct to your care home.

Explore our full range of personal hygiene items, which includes patient wipes and bedding protection, for continued cleanliness and comfort.

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