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Dining chairs – with and without arms

Explore our range of comfortable and sturdy dining chairs with arms and skids, as well as dining or side chairs without arms. Choose from a variety of colours and wood finishes to match your current tables or our complementary dining furniture items.

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  1. Malin Side Chair
    As low as £165.47 £137.89
    Sold By Furncare
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Buy dining chairs online

At Wippet, you can buy modern, versatile dining chairs. You have a choice of designs, contemporary colours, different wood finishes, and a variety of materials, including dementia friendly fabrics.

Our trusted suppliers, including Furncare and Renray Healthcare, offer strong, solid, wooden chairs, both with arms and skids or without arms. Whatever additions you need for the dining areas in your care home, you can buy direct from Wippet.

The chairs have been designed with your residents and their needs in mind, including challenging environments.

Explore our full range of dining tables, including complementary and matching designs, as well as our Kitchen and Dining range.

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