Retro-entertainment – props and costumes 

Let’s have some fun and make your resident laugh. Explore our retro-entertainment items, including props, costumes, accessories and display items from key eras. Order online for UK delivery.

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At Wippet, we understand how important it is for carers and care home staff to have a bit of fun. You want activities that are both entertaining and engaging for your residents, especially those living with dementia.

Check out of range of retro-entertainment items and kits to help you provide reminiscence activities and events in your care home. They are available to order online, from trusted suppliers, including Activities to Share. Accompany the activities with plenty of music, which can be enjoyed by anyone living with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Well-known tracks (especially from their dancing days) can unlock memories, as well as relieve boredom and depression.

Explore our dementia care music range here. Explore also our range of dementia exercise activity equipment and reminiscence activities and memory games – part of our dementia care range and all available for order and delivery today.

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