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Browse Wippet’s range of gardening tools and accessories, perfect for outdoor activities and the favoured past time and hobby of many – gardening. Help your residents to continue to nurture and care for plants and green spaces, putting their ‘green fingers’ to good use with easy-to-grip tools and supportive gardening items.

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Moving into a care home and leaving a precious garden behind can be difficult for some of your new residents. Encourage their love of gardening and nurturing plants with our range of gardening equipment and supplies. From gardening gloves to easy-to-grip tools, you can offer your residents the opportunity to spend time outside weeding, digging and planting, as well as looking after indoor plants too.

Help your residents to take pride in where they live and make a difference to their outdoor space. Gardening is such a great outdoor activity and a rewarding experience for many.

For other outdoor equipment, explore our games range. We also have a great selection of indoor activities, including arts & crafts and puzzles, plus our painting & drawing supplies which are perfect for sketching and painting plants and garden scenes.

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