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Explore our wide range of lighting items, including wall, ceiling and pedant lights, as well as table and floor lamps. We also have televisions and home automation items to add further to the décor,  entertainment and living standards in your care home.

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At Wippet, you will find a very large collection of lights and lamps, in a wide range of styles and finishes.

We have outside lighting, to ensure safe movement along paths and outdoors, as well as emergency lighting to help you comply with the highest standard of health and safety requirements.

Our indoor lighting ranges include both ceiling and wall lights, in different metal finishes and colours. You’ll also find a variety of pendant lights, including chandeliers, with replacement items easy to order too, to further adorn your lighting choices.

If you need dedicated lamps to offer a softer lighting choice to a room or for specific tasks, such as for craft or reading, you will also find both floor lamps, table lights and desk lights.

There is a range of design and lamp shade options too.

From modern and contemporary, to classic and traditional styles, you’ll find all of the lighting, you need for your refurb or refit. Explore our dedicated pages for indoor lighting,outdoor lighting andemergency lighting, as well as lighting fixtures and accessories.

In addition, find TVs and Home Automation items too to add to your entertainment as well as ‘home comforts’, in your care home.

To do easy comparisons and to ensure competitive prices, use Wippet.

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