Mattresses – traditional and durable

A comfortable mattress ensuring a good night’s sleep is so important. Explore our range of traditional, single, spring mattresses, which offer ongoing comfort with easy maintenance and ensured longevity.

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  1. Nautilus single mattress
    £136.08 £113.40
    Sold By Renray Healthcare
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Order mattresses online

If you are looking for a number of traditional mattresses for your care home, we are delighted to bring ease and convenience to ordering, procuring, and purchasing through Wippet.

Our mattresses are of high quality, thanks to our vetted suppliers, including Renray Healthcare and Furncare, and are available to order on short lead times, for quick delivery.

You will find vapour-permeable, breathable, water-resistant, and flame-retardant covers that are very hygienic - offering anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The single mattresses are strong and durable, too.

If you are looking for beds and other bedroom furniture packages, don’t miss our dedicated pages. See also our full range of dynamic and static mattresses in our Care Equipment range, for those who need pressure care treatment, ulcer prevention, and therapy.

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