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Dynamic Cushions - preventative and therapeutic care

Looking for a top quality alternating air cushion for your residents? Explore Wippet’s range of dynamic cushions developed specifically for ulcer and pressure injuries, ongoing care and treatment, when seated.

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  1. Cursa II Cushion
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    Sold By IQ Medical Ltd
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Alternating and dynamic air cushions support patients and residents at high risk of developing an ulcer or pressure injuries, as well as being an effective treatment for existing tissue damage.

Easy to use and set up, the cushions have pumps which automatically adjust to weight. There is also a choice of firmness settings, to give your patients and residents more comfort when seating.

The cushions, provided by vetted UK suppliers, including IQ Medical Ltd, are also designed with patient stability in mind and anti-slip properties. They are lightweight and as easily transportable as possible.

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