Meet the team

Matt, CEO

Wippet’s founder, Matt’s has over 30 years in buying across retail and healthcare. Working for many large organisations such as M&S, Nuffield Health, Four Seasons Healthcare and Barchester Matt’s experience and knowledge was the driving force to the development of Wippet. Matt’s passion is to give healthcare professionals a simple way to access great suppliers and competitive prices

John (JB), Commercial and Operations Director

Wippet’s second founder, JB, has spent his career buying and building eCommerce sites for businesses and brands like John Lewis and Waitrose, Harrods and Barclays.

David, Sales and Marketing Director

Wippet’s final founder, David, started his career in advertising, then became a consultant and business author, and is responsible for bringing customers to Wippet to enjoy all the benefits of our fast, efficient one-stop-shop.

Nick, Program Director

Also with extensive experience in elderly care through his time at Four Seasons and Barchester, Nick brings the whole Wippet team together, making sure we’re delivering all-new site developments to make buying in healthcare simple.

Nerina, Head of Supplier Trading

Nerina’s role is to help new suppliers come on board at Wippet and help our existing suppliers with their trading. Nerina knows the elderly care sector, too, having been a procurement manager for Four Seasons and Barchester.

Lisa, Head of Customer Acquisition

Lisa spent ten years at Apetito before joining Wippet in September 2021. Lisa’s role is to help care groups use Wippet as their buying platform for their whole organisation. Lisa is also a Trustee at Care Workers Charity and she has a Labrador called Max.

Alastair, Platform Manager

Alastair has over 10 years’ experience in managing web projects from inception to completion, planning strategies and managing each stage of the life cycle. At Wippet, Alastair lives and breathes the Wippet platform, working on new functionality and optimising the experience for  Customers, Suppliers and the Wippet team.

Phil, Head of Digital Marketing

Phil is Wippet’s digital marketing guru, attracting visitors to our site with information and advertising in all channels. Phil also tracks how you use Wippet, making sure that your experience on Wippet is as good as it can be by understanding what you like and don’t like, and changing them to make Wippet ever better.

Anna, Supplier Acquisition Exec

Anna works with Nerina to help find suppliers and assist them in everything they need to see their products and service on Wippet. Anna helps suppliers with catalogues, promotions and on-site advertising.

It’s our team's mission to make buying for healthcare simple. If there’s anything you want to tell us about how we can do that for you, please contact us here

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