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Working as a carer within care homes can be a difficult task, especially if you are unclear of the hygiene products to use.

Put together by Wippet, this article tells you everything you need to know about the Conti brand of dry wipes, including the benefits of dry patient cleansing wipes and which type of wipes would be suitable for you.

What are Conti Wipes?

Conti is a range of wet and dry patient wipes made for the healthcare sector and have been used by the NHS for over 35 years. Made by Vernacare, they are designed for a range of personal care tasks, including:

  • Being a self wipe toilet aid
  • Being an all purpose wipe for general cleaning
  • Being a wipe for personal hygiene care
  • Being flushable toilet wipes for care homes

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What are the different types of Conti wipes?

Conti dry wipes

The conti range offers a wide selection of dry wipes including those that are flushable, designed for incontinence care or easy wipe toilet aids or made to be soft for sensitive skin, and many are available in size ranging from small to extra large. 

The cost-efficient Conti dry wipes series, from the economical Conti Lite to the effective absorbency of the Conti Washcloth, are an excellent choice for patient care and have numerous applications in the healthcare sector for general purpose cleansing.

All of the Conti dry wipes can be used on their own or combined with a separate skin cleaning foam or body wash, so their various uses create a versatile patient cleansing system.

Conti wet wipes

Conti also offers a smaller range of flushable wet wipes in several sizes, from small to medium. These wet wipes use a dermatologically tested, pH balanced, lanolin and alcohol free formulation that is specifically designed to provide immediate and long lasting moisturisation.

What Conti wipes are available?

The list below showcases the top Conti wipes in the range and their uses.

Lightweight Conti dry wipes range

Conti Lite

Conti Lite is the most cost-effective wipe for professionals because it combines strength and performance with a low weight polypropylene material.

Main Advantages: Sturdy, low-cost, and suitable for bulk purchases

Used by: those who go through a lot of wipes daily or waste a lot of wipes because they are an excellent low-cost choice.

Conti standard dry wipes

Conti standard dry wipes are perfect for everyday usage due to their high-quality polypropylene material and low cost.

Main advantages: Sturdy, high-performance, and ideal for everyday use

Used by: those who need a high-performing everyday wipe.

Used for: Incontinence care, all body areas, but mainly above the waist, hands, and face.

Conti standard plus

Conti standard plus wipes are made of thicker and tougher polypropylene than the Conti standards, delivering greater longevity and performance.

Main advantages: Increased durability and strength due to increased mass.

Used by: People looking for a thicker, more durable alternative to Conti standard for everyday usage.

Used for: Anywhere over the body, including the hands and face, though it is most effective above the waist.

Conti soft wipes

Conti soft wipes feature a softer feel than earlier wipes due to their medium-weight polypropylene/viscose material that combines softness with absorbency.

Main advantages: Softness and absorbency in one, gentle on sensitive skin

Used by: Those looking for soft, all-purpose wipes with increased absorbency.

Used for: Anywhere over the body, including the hands and face, though it is most effective above the waist.

Heavyweight Conti dry wipes range

Conti so soft wipes

The Conti so soft wipes contain a cotton/polypropylene mix, making them exceptionally soft while also being extremely durable.

Main advantages:  Longevity, strength, and the use of cotton for a nice feel.

Used by: Those in need of a robust, long-lasting wipe with outstanding gentleness for delicate skin.

Used for: Incontinence care use best used below the waist, but suitable for the entire body.

Patient Cleansing dry wipes

Conti patient cleansing dry wipes are made from a polypropylene and cotton mix, making them ideal for use below the waist – such as for use as a bottom wipe toilet aid. They have a delicate and silky touch.

Main advantages: Smooth, gentle feel and excellent for cleansing soiled skin

Used by: those needing to perform routine incontinence care or cleaning highly soiled areas.

Used for: Suitable for incontinence care, ideally below the waist.

Conti washcloth

The Conti washcloth is a high-absorbency product that lathers exceptionally nicely when combined with soap and water.

Main advantages: Great for lathering with soap and water.

Used by: those who prefer to use soap and water to perform a thorough cleansing.

Used for: Suitable for incontinence care, ideally below the waist

Frequently asked questions about Conti wipes

What are Conti wipes used for?

Conti dry wipes can be used for many patient cleansing tasks, including daily washing and incontinence care. Each Conti wet and dry wipe has a unique strength and softness rating meaning users can find the suitable cloth for the task and patient skin type.

What are Conti wipes made of?

Most Conti wipes are made either entirely with a polypropylene base or from a mix of polypropylene and another material. The softer Conti wipes are made using a polypropylene and cotton mix to give them a smoother, silkier finish that’s ideal for patients with sensitive skin.

How do you use Conti cleansing dry wipes?

Conti cleansing dry wipes have a dry texture and no extra cleaning solutions, making them appropriate for use as a replacement for a washcloth or sponge. Dry patient cleansing wipes are primarily intended to provide delicate care to persons with sensitive skin during their cleansing routine.

What are dry patient cleansing wipes?

Dry patient cleansing wipes ensure proper cleansing and skincare. The wipes are frequently used as an excellent substitute for harsh soap and water cleaning procedures and are available in various types on the market.

The NHS and care sector have used the Conti brand of dry wipes for over 35 years to aid infection control, decontamination, surgery and critical care. The brand uses high-quality raw ingredients in its goods to ensure quality in every wipe.

Where can I buy Conti wipes?

All of the Conti wipes above are available for purchase from Wippet, the UK’s healthcare marketplace. We bring you all the care home items you need from the top brands in care to make sure you can find the best deal, so if your care home has run out of Conti wipes, Wippet ensures you can quickly and easily resupply.

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