Choosing towels and linens for your care home

Towels and linens in your nursing or care home

In the dining room and kitchen

Are your tablecloths making a good first impression on residents and visitors? Do they add to the inviting atmosphere of your dining room space? Whilst cotton tablecloths may look nice, they do little to protect wooden tables, require regular laundering and can easily stain – making them look very tired very quickly. So, why not consider a long lasting PVC tablecloth? They protect the surface of your tables from liquid spillages, as well as scratches. They wipe clean, more easily maintaining the cleanliness and high standards of your dining area. Plus, in white and light colours, they also keep your dining room looking bright, clean and fresh.

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To add a restaurant feel to your dining room, you may also wish to consider some bistro-style, linen napkins, to dress your tables. They are a great way to reduce waste too, as an alternative to paper napkins.

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Now, from dining tables…to actual diners. We are really proud of our selection of clothing protectors. From a sophisticated neckerchief to a cross over scarf, as well as tabards that offer more comprehensive protection, you can choose from a range of clothing protectors that your residents will like. They protect their precious clothes, as well as maintaining their dignity, during meal times.

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Finally, do not forget to support your catering staff with high quality towels and linen in the kitchen. The purchase of high-quality tea towels, in a range of colours to match your décor or to be marked for different uses, will make catering, as well as drying up any hand wash items that little bit easier. You can also choose a selection of oven gloves and mitts, depending on the design best suited for your kitchen. From silicon to cotton and polyester, the range of styles allows your catering staff to choose a design that is flexible and convenient to use, whilst reducing any risk of burns or scalds.

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In the bedroom

Bedrooms in your care home need to be welcoming. The bed is always the first item to draw the eye, so it is important that it looks well-presented. Consider every element of bedding and bed linen – from what can’t be seen but maintains hygiene and the longevity of expensive items, such as your mattresses, as well as the comfort of the pillows and duvets; through to what can be seen – stylish bedsheets and pillow cases. For mattress toppers and protectors, as well as pillow protectors, there is a lot to consider in terms of the level of protection you require, as well as the care implications – from wipe clean to easily machine washable. What will provide both comfort and protection?

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What will help your residents get an extra good night’s sleep? Comfortable bedding has to be a ‘must buy’. A selection of duvets in different weights and thicknesses, with different tog ratings, can be a nice additional option, depending on the temperature or seasons, as well as personal preference. Shop Duvets 

Pillow preference can also be particularly personal, in terms of firmness and the number of pillows required both for a good night’s sleep and for propping up those spending a little more time in bed. Having a selection to choose from gives your residents a bit more choice in ensuring their bedtime comforts.

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If you love a little interior design, then it’s time to draw on your creative flair, when it comes to choosing sheets and pillowcases because there are lots of different options when it comes to purchasing sheets, fitted sheets, valance, duvet covers and pillowcases. From a wide variety of colours to an array of patterns, you can offer choice, as well as ensuring your complement the bedroom’s décor to offer a real ‘wow factor’ to your residents’ bedrooms.  Shop Bedsheets and Pillowcases

In the bathroom

Your choice of towels can really lift the feel of a bathroom. From classic hotel white to something a little more eye catching, a new selection of bathroom towels can really brighten one of the most important rooms in your nursing or care home. Feeling clean, warm and dry after a shower or bath is really important too. Choose towels which are not only fluffy and dry well on first use, but after many uses and rounds of laundry. Consider also the range of towels you wish to offer your residents, from large bath sheets and towels, through to hand towels, hair towels and face cloths

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In the laundry

You may have some of the most lovely looking towels and linens, but this may not last for long before they need cleaning. So, make sure you can stay on top of your washing needs and make your laundry tasks as simple as possible. From good sized collection bags through to easy-to-move laundry baskets and trolleys, choose laundry equipment that will help collecting dirty sheets and linen as efficient as possible.

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And one last recommendation…have you considered labels? Not just for uniforms, workwear or clothes, labels can be a convenient way to mark your towels and linens to ensure everything is returned to its rightful place after going through the washing and laundry processes. This can be particularly important if it is something you outsource. Wippet have a wide range of clothing labels from sew-on, fabric labels to stick on and iron on options. They can be customised too – not just with your nursing or care home name, but locations and with further bespoke personalisation, if required. Shop Labelling 

Adding the finishing touches to your care home

Just like our own homes, the towels make all the difference in a bathroom. Just like a hotel, the bedsheets and duvet covers can propel a bedroom into an even more inviting place for relaxation and comfort. It’s really important to choose the right towels and linens for your residents, their requirements and to enhance the elegance, warmth and ambience of your nursing and care home. Use Wippet to find just want you need to add that little finishing touch.

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