Rotary Iron Steam Roller Ironing Press R02036 by Speedypress

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The most cost and time effective ironing press on the market; a Speedypress exclusive.
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The most cost and time effective press on the market.
Rotates forward or backward.
Touchscreen + foot pedal controller.
2,200watt. Powerful & continuous steam burst.
Pressing plate pressure adjustable.
2-litre water tank.
Exclusive: The only seller of the R02036 in Europe!
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The 36" / 91.5cm R02036 Rotary Iron Steam Roller Ironing Press by Speedypress is ideal for large households and small and medium-sized laundry rooms, where speed and quality of pressing is essential.
Forget your old domestic iron and discover this innovative and exciting solution. You can have perfectly ironed laundry in only half the time!
Mountains of shirts, t-shirts, trousers or sheets; heavy-duty textiles or finest fabrics; tricky ruffles or delicate collars; perfectly smooth or a quick touch-up - with a Speedypress Rotary Iron Roller everything goes faster and easier than ever, and without the effort!
And, time saved means more time for you! Once you work with a Speedypress Rotary Roller Ironer, you will not want to work with anything else!
You can iron anything that comes out of your washing machine - and five times faster than with any standard iron.
No matter what you iron, you can remain seated and don't need to exert any pressure.
Hard to believe, but true - we guarantee that a little practice is all you need and you'll soon be ironing shirts in minutes!
No more tired legs or aching back!
This roller press has a massive 91.5cm (36 inches) roller.
Sheets and tablecloths are child's play, thanks to the larger ironing surface.
It is no longer necessary to dampen your laundry before ironing. It only takes a little while to heat up and then your Speedypress Rotary Iron Roller Steam Ironing Press is ready to go!
Variable speed roller with steam for quick and easy ironing. Automatic steam, variable temperature control and foot pedal operation.
The steam is distributed evenly from below for good fabric penetration.
Special settings for Nylon, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Linen:
There are five levels of temperature setting; Nylon - 85°c, Silk - 105°c, Wool - 140°c, Cotton - 165°c, Linen - 185°c.
When utilising the Wool, Cotton or Linen settings, the steam can be turned off, giving the user the option to use the R02036 as a dry press. Constant steam is available when using the Cotton and Linen levels.
Even the most stubborn wrinkles just disappear. You can choose between constant steam or just a burst of steam, as needed.
All it takes is two minutes, and your roller ironer is ready to go. Easy-to-read controls; simply select the temperature setting to match your fabric.
The steam comes from below for good fabric penetration. It is no longer necessary to dampen your laundry before ironing.
With this roller press there is no danger of unwanted shiny spots. Even rows of buttons pose no problem for the soft, highly-elastic roller.
Even steam and heat distribution guarantee perfect ironing results! The heating shoe lies below, as on professional hot mangles.
Heat and steam distribution are perfectly even. Even the most demanding fabrics are smoothed gently and easily.
Distilled or de-ionized water is recommended for use in the water tank, but it is not a necessity.
Optical signals warn you when the water is getting low (the steam light will blink).
Safe and energy-efficient, the steam is automatically turned off after 15 minutes when you take a break. If the electricity should be suddenly disconnected, the roller press can still be opened by hand (in compliance with IEC safety standards).
Minimum of maintenance required.
Press down on the foot pedal to open and close the pressing plate.
Move the sliding shoe forward or backward to rotate the roller forwards or backward respectively.
A handy, removable cover is included.
With the 91.5cm Rotary Iron Steam Roller Ironing Press by Speedypress, you get smoother and more hygienic ironing results - every time.
Box dimensions of the R02036 roller press:
1260mm (length) x 398mm (width) x 379mm (height).
Net weight: 20kg. Gross weight: 25.3kg.
Roller width / pressing plate: 91.5cm (36")
Roller diameter: 150mm
Ironing rotary speed: 1.65 metres per minute
Powerful & continuous steam burst, output capacity of 30g per minute
Rotates forward or backward
Touchscreen + foot pedal controller
Water tank capacity: 2-litres
Heat-up time: 2 minutes
Power: 2200W / 50/60Hz
Voltage: 220v / 240v
Water level lamp indicator
Pressing plate pressure adjustable
Auto shut-off safety feature: Automatic power cut-off after sitting idle for 15 minutes
Life is short - too short to share it with your iron!
Speedypress have been making commercial ironing equipment including boilers, ironing tables, steamers and accessories in the UK since 1965.
The Ironing Press Company - Europe's leading supplier of Ironing Presses, Sewing Machines and Accessories since 1977.
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